​​​Calendar of Events 

BTT to be distributed no later than April 15th

Creek to Bay (I Love a Clean San Diego): April 27th at WindanSea Beach (9-noon)

4th of July Parade

Coastal Cleanup: mid-September

Board Meeting: Thursday, September 26th, host tbd

 Annual Meeting: No annual meeting; ad hoc only

Holiday Party: December 5th at 6 p.m. at Julie Fitch’s


​​​Barber Tract Street and Sidewalk Improvements

At long last, replacement of some of the worst looking streets in Barber Tract is under way. Westbourne St., Belvedere St and Vista Del Mar (south) had become horribly decayed with cracks, potholes and patches.  These concrete streets were originally poured in the 1930’s.  Each of these streets is now being replaced with new concrete and base underlay. These repairs will provide a very nice and lasting improvement to our neighborhood. Work on these streets should be completed by mid-April.
Our thanks to Barbara Bry’s office for supporting the Barber Tract by way of making these streets a priority with the city street division.  And many thanks to the contractors who have been so helpful and respectful with our neighbors during these renovations.
The BTNA board is currently working to identify other streets in our neighborhood that need replacement. As of this point, Neptune and Olivetas are the highest priority streets identified.  If you are aware of any other streets in the Barber Tract that should be included in this prioritization please advise by sending information to barbertractNA@gmail.com.

Join Us for the BTNA Beach Cleanup!

Meetup on Saturday, Saturday, April 27th 9 a.m at the corner of Neptune/Westbourne

Update on Marine Street Beach Memorial Mall

A Motion to Deny the proposed Marine Memorial Mall based on issues including safety, not fitting community character, pollution, parking, maintenance and noise issues was unanimously passed by the La Jolla Parks and Beaches committee.  For more information please see the attached document by Dorie DeFranco.

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